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Also, when someone says that the list is endless, it almost invariably isn't.

In a similar vein, a sportsman on telly the other day mixed his metaphors beautifully: "It puts hairs on the back of your neck". Made my day.
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I can play korfball for years with barely a problem, yet I cycle over a sodding twig today and stave my pinky. Blummin nuisance!
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So, Yahoo Mail now embeds a little advert in my mailbox folders which looks like an unread e-mail. So well done to them for tricking me into one click.

I wonder however if they charge the same amount for an advert that appears in my spam folder? I do hope not.
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Well it looks unlikely for there to be a widespread white Christmas in the UK - however, by the looks of it, we'll not be too far off record-breaking low pressure a couple of times in the period. Expect 940mb to be breached in some areas a couple of times - expect storms, flooding and maybe some snow if we're lucky within all that mess. Also expect new year fireworks to be postponed - I see no reason for this current pattern of deep depressions to have eased by then.

I only ask for respite for my two ferry journeys...
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Your results:
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Prompted by a mention in a random article I was reading, I realise that I fall into the category of people who are afflicted by Impostor Syndrome. This is basically the feeling that one doesn't deserve to be in the position achieved, that achievements are down to luck rather than ability.

As mentioned in the article, it isn't listed as an actual psychological condition, and I see it as a manifestation of the human condition.

I speculate that I've triggered such thoughts about myself as a reaction to my own self-confidence and arrogance when I was younger - I've always tried to mitigate any aggrandisement of my abilities with a self-deprecating attitude so as not to appear to be arrogant, a basic method of making myself less intrusive and generally more palatable to the people around me.

This is probably based on a fear of being disliked. Thinking about it in detail, I can't decide whether this is due to too much confidence, or not enough. No wonder psychoanalysts drive big cars!

This post is also a wonderful insight into my inability to come to conclusions. Or is it?

See also the Dunning-Kruger Effect, which is pretty much the opposite thing, although I know 'opposite' is too strong a word to use.

I wonder, are these just subsets of inferiority/superiority complexes?
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In this month's Hot 100 quiz (, I beat an Egghead. Next target is to beat my quiz boss, who's employed me for fifteen years, but has always been that bit better than me. Mainly because he writes eight quizzes per week.

Kevin Ashman will take some catching.


May. 22nd, 2013 06:31 pm
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Killed in honour of Alan Aykbourn apparently. Mental!
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Via [personal profile] andrewducker, some good reasons not to leave the EU - it keeps the north American intensive food practices at bay, to an extent:


May. 8th, 2013 06:16 pm
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Anyone fancy trying a new sport? We're running a second team next season, game-time guaranteed for new players!
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Wonderful contrast between the cold northern air blown in by the easterly breeze pretty much solidly since February and the mild wet stuff that arrived yesterday and actually smelt of life and didn't freeze my face off. Now for wind and rain until it gets cold again...
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I normally listen to 5 Live when I get in from work, but I've heard Tebbitt once today already, I can cope without listening to all of her cronies and backstabbers eulogising for the next two hours.

Ding Dong

Apr. 8th, 2013 04:16 pm
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Well, she was a hell of a leader - the sort of ballsiness that is sadly lacking in most of the top dogs today.

However, given that her time in charge of her party in Government hugely increased poverty and inequality, both problems which persist at roughly 1990's levels today, she really has left a shitty legacy in many parts of the country, while the snouts continue at the trough.

It's all we can do to fight against the current Tories' divisiveness and nastiness, rooted back in her money-focussed era.

Bollocks to her legacy of corrosive, selfish greed.
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It seems to me that there's another 'coals to Newcastle' triumph for the commercial sector ongoing at the moment. It might not be their best (I'll reserve that for the absurdity of getting people to buy water in bottles), but the fact that hands-free soap dispensers appear to be a success amazes me.

Is this simply a triumph of advertising, or is it, more likely, a clear demonstration that people just don't think?

Tell me if I'm wrong, but the soap dispenser could be covered in shite for all the difference it makes - you're washing your hands AFTER touching the blimmin thing.

Heads out of arses please, just buy a bar of soap, don't line the pockets of these bastards.
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Oh, that was it.

I bought and installed some new windscreen wipers last week. Since then, we've had what I believe to be the first pretty much completely dry period (over a week now) since last April.

This amuses me on some level, and I'm quite enjoying the dryness too. Given another few days of dryness (as expected), I'll be craving precipitation by the middle of next week. Preferably a foot of snow.
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Best snippet from a news article I read this week: "It's heraldry gone mad!".

I wonder if such hyperbole are spoken by anyone who's not British?

I did have other stuff to say, but my grain fails me again. Brain.
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Well, big news in South Africa this morning. I just wonder, if the case makes it as far as a court of law, whether by then Oscar will have a leg to stand on.
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Ooh, might be chilly now, but it's looking pretty hellishly cold for the weekend, especially with wind chill. I'd also say we might be doing very well for snow by the start of next week. Fingers crossed, winter may actually happen!


Jan. 8th, 2013 12:19 pm
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Mixed metaphor du jour, just heard on Radio 2:

"We've got to bite the nettle".

No thanks.


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