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Ah, a lovely night of silliness with Earthy people, and others.

Strange occurrence on the way to the party however, at about 11.45pm we (myself and Lorraine) saw a weird red light in the sky, sort of like a red firework, but higher up. It was moving slowly but erratically across the sky when I saw it (from the Junction of Newington Road and Salisbury place and it moved in the southern sky from west to east at an elevation of about 50 degrees. It kept almost stopping, and it was also fluctuating in brightness a little, but it was approximately magnitude -2 in general, something around the brightness of Jupiter I think.

It then got to a point just past due south after about five minutes of me staring up at it (and Lorraine getting cold and bored), and began to fade while staying in the same relative position in the sky, still changing brightness eratically, but fading more and more. Eventually, it got too dim to be seen, came back into view once or twice as it fluctuated, then was gone. I've certainly never seen anything like it (maybe I'll post about the other UFO I saw years ago at some point), and will be looking about in the morning to see if there are any reports of multiple reports to the police or whatever, as sometimes pops up on the news.

Did anyone else see this? It was pretty noticeable, and rather weird.


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