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Time for a stream of conciousness? I think so.

Been quite enjoying the snow (and cold weather in general), hope there's an interesting amount of the white stuff this evening. It would be very nice to wake up to a good covering, as that just happens all to rarely. I've not decided whether I'll cycle to work in the morning, I suppose that depends whether the roads are a struggle or not. I doubt they will be (this is Edinburgh after all), but it would be fun to plough through three inches of snow for a change. I certainly enjoy driving in snow, cycling may be good in the stuff too, I'm not actually sure if I ever have cycled in fresh stuff.

What else? Another korfball weekend has passed, and it was mildly successful. Sixth out of sixteen teams was a good return, even if we could have done a bit better. Could well have drawn with the winners if my goal hadn't been wrongly disallowed, and drawing with the bottom team in the first game was a bit laughable as well! The do in the evening was a bit of a Leeds love-in due to the crapness of other visiting teams, but it had its amusing moments. The drinking games didn't get going as well as they could have done.

It was nice to be in Leeds though, and I'm proud to have navigated us to within a couple of minutes of the place we were staying, even though I'd not been to that bit of Leeds in a good fifteen years, and I forgot to take the maps I helpfully printed.

The previous weekend was a much worse personal performance as a guest for Glasgow in the Edinburgh Uni tournament. I just didn't play well, and I wasn't gelling well with the (even more) inexperienced players on the team. I'm just not good enough yet to be able to boss other players on the pitch, it took me well over a hundred games of rugby to get to that stage, and korfball may take me even longer, as games are much more intense affairs, and I find it difficult to step back and consider the tactical overview while I'm still concentrating on the basic patterns of attack. Defence is easy in comparison, I can hold my own (to an extent) against very good attacking players, but a good defender will bottle me up like so much cake. That's cake that's been put in a bottle, in case you're wondering.

Still thinking of ways to get some more money flowing into the club too. The start of next season will have to be much better organised in terms of membership and subs being paid. This season it was all I and others could do to keep the club going, and without previous experience of sport administration, we're now reaping the whirlwind of being well into the season and still short of subs from quite a few players. There's only so many times you can ask really without causing ructions, but surely I'm going to have to force the issue soon.

In other news, work has been horribly busy, but I've now sailed through publication hell into calmer waters of reflection and improvement, not without causing a few scares and incurring the wrath of my boss though! Typical that the only day I slept in for an hour (accidentally) was the day I really did need to be in for seven! Ho hum.

It's shaping up to be a busy Spring as ever, as, just like last year, the rehearsals for Beltane and the Scottish Korfball League climax within a few days of each other, many clashes on the way too. Also, Super League is bringing a full round of league fixtures to Murrayfield, so that will only add to the chaos of that week. A definite shame, as that clashes with the Edinburgh City Tournament and the Beltane picnic. Not bloody missing it though - seven top rugby league matches for roughly £30-£50 for the lot is pretty good value given that a Leeds home game costs about £18 these days I believe.

And the Super League season starts this week of course!

Other stuff? Gawd, running out now. Music is great as ever. Trying to play a bit more poker - I'm getting rusty these days, and it's a nice income stream when I'm playing well. Need to kick my own arse in terms of boring stuff like renewing memberships and dealing with boring faffy stuff.

But, all in all, life is pretty good. I'm pretty happy, my mates seem to be generally happier in many ways these days, and one of the speakers is successfully on a shelf. Although the speaker itself is broken. The working speaker doesn't have a functioning shelf because our walls are made of century-old poo mixed with gravel. POO DOES NOT MAKE GOOD SHELF-SUPPORTING MATERIAL.

Oh and my edition of Mastermind's been delayed for a few weeks. They're coming up with a poster campaign for promotional purposes I believe, and will possibly put it on instead of Eastenders or something.

Enough rambling boy!


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